Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Estoy en Ecuador

Hola! So this is day 3 of my trip to Ecuador, I have done so many cool things so far. Day one which was Monday December 21. We went to see "El Panecillo" which is a very large statue of the Virgin Mary. It faces the North part of the city of Quito.

On Tuesday December 22, Martín and I took a tour of the city by a city bus. It was very nice just to be able to sit and watch the city as we went by. We eventually got off and walked around the downtown for awhile, which is where I had ice cream of a very weird flavor, the flavor was called Morocho.

Finally to today Wednesday December 23rd. Martin and I also his friends hiked to a waterfall. I was not prepared at all for what I was about to do today. I didn't have a swim suit, I didn't have the right type of shoes, nor did I have sunscreen. But while at the waterfall I got talked into jumping into the very cold water, I was scared for my life, but I did it!

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